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Enjoy a walk through the trails of Zarzalon Mulera. Discover majestic vegetation of the Natural Park of los Alcornocales, forests of Oaks, mixed with ferns, cork oaks, strawberry trees, olive trees etc. All about private trails that may surprise deer, fallow deer and Roe deer, birds in total freedome.
In Mulera Zarzalon you can perform other activities such as: hiking, walking, Mycology, threhheh areas of beautiful landscapes.
Sendero el raspasero en Ubrique

Sendero el puerto de los negros
Puerto de los negros
Sendero de la Piedra
Sendero de la Piedra
Sendero la Fuente del corchito
  Sendero de la fuente del corchito
Sendero la Loma del Corchero
Sendero de la loma del corchero
Sendero el Raspadero
Sendero de el Raspadero
Vista desde los senderos




Contact: info@zarzalondemulera.com ------Phone: 607 195 295